Weather Report Women's Casual pants ( WK2202-01)


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  •  Ultra-thin, quick-drying and wear-resistant
  •  Comfortable, breathable and water repellent
  •  Moisture wicking and not stuffy properties
  •  Made in Taiwan
  •  Light and soft to the touch, excellent skin-friendly
  •  Comfortably wicks sweat to help keep you dry at all times
  •  Casual cut for a variety of activities
  •  Material: 100%NYLONE nylon

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【 Intimate washing reminder 】

● Washing with washing machine: Use water below 40˚C, add ordinary washing powder to wash, and then dry it immediately after dehydrating with ordinary washing procedures.

● Do not use bleach or fabric softener and cold detergent (which can cause the membrane to separate from the cloth).

● If washing in a washing machine, pull up the zipper, fasten the buttons, stick the devil felt, put it in a laundry net bag, and wash at a low speed for a short period of time.

● It is not advisable to soak clothing in lotion for a long time.

● For two-piece garments, please take them off and wash them separately.

● For dark and light colored clothing, be sure to wash them separately.

● Please note that some clothes need professional dry cleaning. Improper chemical solvent dry cleaning will cause the membrane to separate from the cloth.

● Avoid drying in strong sunlight.

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