LAVARE Scarfs Women Men Warm Winter Shawl Wrap hat Scarves With Fur Pompom Ball Ethnic Tribal geometric Chinese style


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1. Soft and Warm: made of soft cashmere-like Acrylic. Furry, cozy, warm, close to skin, wear this scarf giving you lasting warmth in winter.

2. Feature: The pattern of the fabric is Taiwan aboriginal cultural, geometric and Chinese style with fur balls at one side of the scarf. Let you have the elegance and dignity while still being cute.

3. WASH TIPS: Gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water. Please do not bleach. Squeeze gently and do not twist. Please dry in shade and keep flat.

4. Multi-functional: it is good for multi-function both can be good for a scarf , hat or wraps especially for girls like wrapping it around their shoulders.

5. Makes a great gift for Valentine's day, Christmas, birthday or other special occasions, these colors are suitable for both women and men.

This warm, cozy, and colorful knit scarf is suitable for men and women, and is the perfect winter accessory.

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