Health in Body Wrist Wristband NANO-ORE Fiber Brace Compression Support, One Size Adjustable, 1 Pair


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1. Three main certifications - QualityAssurance:

[TFT] Taiwan Functional Textile CertificationMark

[MIT] 100% Taiwan ManufacturingCertification Mark

[Nano mark] Nano Certification Mark

2. Exclusive patent: patented material,patented yarn, patented weaving

3. "HEALTHIN" has the effect ofmoisture transferring and quick drying

4. "HEALTHIN" nano-ore fiber

●The highest effective utilization rate

●Using nano technology to grind

●Refinement of all active mineral particles

●Technical cooperation with international textile research units

●Popular and user-friendly design concept


Certification of each project:

● Limb equipment medical equipment license

● far infrared rays certification -protective equipment

● moisture transferring and quick drying certification

● Emission rate report - more than 90% of the effective reflectanceof far infrared rays

●International Invention Award Patent Certification - Hosiery

●Innovative Research Awards - Bedding

●Taiwan Patent Certificate - Bedding

● Thermal i

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