Health body Wrist Wristband NANO-ORE Fiber Brace Compression Support, One Size Adjustable, 1 Pair



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1. Three main certifications - QualityAssurance:

[TFT] Taiwan Functional Textile CertificationMark

[MIT] 100% Taiwan ManufacturingCertification Mark

[Nano mark] Nano Certification Mark

2. Exclusive patent: patented material,patented yarn, patented weaving

3. "HEALTHIN" has the effect ofmoisture transferring and quick drying

4. "HEALTHIN" nano-ore fiber

●The highest effective utilization rate

●Using nano technology to grind

●Refinement of all active mineral particles

●Technical cooperation with international textile research units

●Popular and user-friendly design concept


Certification of each project:

● Limb equipment medical equipment license

● far infrared rays certification -protective equipment

● moisture transferring and quick drying certification

● Emission rate report - more than 90% of the effective reflectanceof far infrared rays

●International Invention Award Patent Certification - Hosiery

●Innovative Research Awards - Bedding

●Taiwan Patent Certificate - Bedding

● Thermal insulation test - Bedding - Thermal insulation up to 99%


Maintenance method:

1. The "HEALTHIN" products aremade of nano-ore implantable fibers with permanent and effective functions.

2. It can be washed by hand or washingmachine, and please put it into the laundry bag when using the washing machine.Please adjust the washing machine to a slow speed.

3. Do not use bleach and softener.

4. Do not use the dryer. Please expose insunlight after dehydration.

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