LIEVO EASY-Genuine Italian Leather 19 Cards Smart Card Holder Wallet Credit ID Pocket


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Take everything easy
Fashionable. Environmentally Friendly. Cardholder.
A cardholder should be easy to use.
LIEVO has designed this cardholder with a new look different from the past, using an even more streamlined design
A small pocketbook design makes it easy to store and flip through your cards
Made with the finest natural Italian leather; enjoy the smooth feel
As the year's pass, experience the richness and beauty of fine aged leather
Tear-resistant tear resistant paper brings endurance and elegant simplicity
LIEVO attests time is the greatest master of taste
Aside from easy storage for Easy cards and other cards,
Notice the combination of texture and detail
The first pocket has a magnetically insulated design
That allows you to swipe only that card without taking it out
Experience how EASY your life can be filled with feeling and elegance

Exterior: high-quality Italian leather
Interior: thin tear and water-resistant cowhide leather
High-quality metallic fitting

The first pocket has an innovative magnetically insulated design; so that while storing a smartcard it can be swiped against a sensor without taking the card out
Stylish character and shape, and easy to store and pull cards
Exquisite design can hold up to 19 cards
Can be hung out for display, our carried inside another bag
Made from the finest Italian leather
Tear-resistant paper, unveil the fine texture and protect your cards


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