MANA Water Repellent Rain Sun Resistant Travel Stick Umbrella w Dobby Fabric UV Protection



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  • For sun applications, a high technique in sun protection blocks over 99.99% of the sun’s damaging UV light rays.
  • Coat application resists water for torrential rain protection.
  • Dobby fabric for waterproof & 99% UV Protection.
  • Canopy Size: 23.23 inches; Length: 35.82 inches.
  • Durable Construction - Fiber Reinforced Plastics not only make this umbrella durable and lightweight but also provide unbreakable in the event of a strong breeze.


Product Description

  1. The water touches the umbrella surface will become small drops of water. When it rains, you only need to gently shake, and dry with a tissue.
  2. Made of Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Dobby fabric sun protection.
  3. Perfect for golfers, business professionals, daily life, travel, and it's also a perfect gift for men and women.
  4. UV PROTECTION: with the latest technology of Dobby fabric. It can reflect heat to cool you down. 99.99% for the highest protection from UV light rays.
  5. Canopy Size: 23.23 inches
  6. Length: 35.82 inches
  7. Structure: Fiber Reinforced Plastics(FRP) frame
  8. Handle: Ergonomic Handle




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