Trust Me Ankle Socks Bamboo Fabric Combed Cotton Moisture-Wicking Lycra Socks


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  1. Choose natural feathers of America, and combining compact technology, reduce cotton batting.
  2. Special weaving method for shock absorption provides superior ventilation and comfort.
  3. Certified by TTRI, Taiwan Textile Research Institute, the deodorant rate of Trust Me socks is 100%.
  4. Flank and sole of socks have groove design to redirect the sweat.
  5. High-density ventilation and argyle texture discharge the heavy air.
  6. Combed Cotton: 80%, Bamboo charcoal: 15%, LYCRA® fiber: 5%.


  • Multiple Exciting Colorways: Comes in a wide array of colors to match your personal taste. Versatile style coordinates easily with your workout, race, or everyday shoes, gear, clothing.
  •  LYCRA® fiber: With LYCRA fiber, the sports socks are in great stretch and recovery, much more durable than normal spandex fiber socks. Mesh ventilation can release the heat and keep your foot at a moderate temperature. Keep your feet dry the whole day! You can wear these athletic socks for a long time not worrying about the easily broken problem.
  • All materials are "Made in Taiwan: The most important yarn of socks, the quality meets government regulations. The production certification "Taiwan-made MIT Smile Logo Certification" represents pure quality, safety, health, and trustworthiness.

The size of the socks is universal, based on the length of the foot.
Color: Black / Gray / Pink / Yellow / Blue / Green
Size: L (23-26CM)

Color: Black / Gray / Red
Size: XL (27-30CM)

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