Tsuen Lin Baby Mattress 100% Breathable Mattress Stereo Washable Cot Mattress Crib


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Health, Energy saving, Environmental protection.

1. Newborn babies and children have high body temperature, and usually take a long time in bed sleeping. If use the wrong mattress, they may sweat, get prickly heat, cry and noise, and sleep poorly.

Our mattresses are breathable and comfortable, it will prevent newborn babies and children from sweating.


2. The upper layer of our three-dimensional and soft mattresses was made up from moisture absorption perspiration yarns which were 100% Polyester.


3. The Three-dimensional breathable baby mattresses are soft, comfortable, breathable, heat dissipation, shock absorbing, weight resistant, antibacterial, washing fast drying, durable.


4. Our breathable mattresses are better than bamboo mat, cotton bedding, memory bed, latex bed. Babies will sleep well all night.


5. The mattresses had the patent certification of Taiwan.  Besides, the mattresses also had Taiwan manufacturing MIT Smile label which meant high quality. Parents can buy mattresses at ease.


6. The mattresses can be used in the baby bed, spring bed, game bed, and Japanese room, Tatami bed.

7. Size: 120cm X 60cm X 1.2cm  Weight: 700g



Cleaning Instructions:

1. The mattress is washable. Soak it in detergent for more than 15 minutes, flush with water, then sun-dry the mattress.

2. Use a washing machine to clean the mattress: Put the mattress into the laundry net, make it separate cleaning, spin it, then sun-dry the mattress.

3. It is forbidden to use bleach, dry cleaning, and dry at high temperatures.

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