15~170psi Pair TPMS LED Auto Smart Sensor Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem Cap


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Item specifics

Condition: New

Manufacturer Part Number: 5025T

Part Brand: Gozens    

Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear

Manufacture Country: Taiwan

Surface Finish: Copper Alloy

UPC: 724500332491

Warranty: Yes






You are buying two (2) caps !

(Auto-Learning Smart Sensor: Don't need to specify pressure rating.)

1. Product Performed at Pressure Range: 15 PSI~170 PSI / 1.0 BAR~11.0 BAR

2. Product Performance Accuracy Range: ± 2 PSI . ( 0.15BAR ) when pressure range is at 15~70PSI (1.0Bar~4.9Bar)

    Product Performance Accuracy Range: ± 3 PSI . ( 0.20 BAR ) when pressure range is at 71~170PSI (4.9Bar~11.2Bar)

3. When Pressure is below 8% of standard value, “RED” LED flashing will be on (LED-will be on for 1-second, stop 1 second     recycling reminder).

4. An “Warning” (Green & Red LED flashing) indication will be provided when battery is in low-battery consumption stage. (LED will be on for 1 second. Then, stop for 3 seconds (When it is no pressure, it is still able to detect low-battery)

When installed firmly on the valve stem, wait for 8~12 seconds until seeing Green LED flashing one time to ensure the installation and product is in good condition for performance.

Product Dimension: 2.25 x 2.0 cm, 10 gms (Aluminum), 12gms (Brass)

Battery type: CR1632 (pc/product)

Battery life: 12~18 months at normal pressure condition

Installation Note :

    There is an insulator inside of each cap, please turn the top (PC cap) to remove the paper to begin the product


    Balancing Wheel is always recommended after installation of the product.



    Ensure Caps are securely tightened before driving and during long trips; loose caps will deflate tires and endanger driving conditions.

    Caps do not represent as a regular tool for tire pressure. Dead battery may prevent sending alarm.

    Battery can be replaceable.


Q: How do you set up the pressure rating?

A: It detects initial tire pressure automatically, you don't need to set up the pressure rating.

Q: Is battery replaceable?

A: Yes, battery can be replaceable.

Q. How to install it ?

A. All you to do is screw them on instead of your regular black valve caps.

When installing, pay attention to the placement of the valve cap.

Avoid contact with the tire fender & brake pads or any possible existing parts (especially on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and scooters).

Q. The instructions say "there is an insulator inside of each cap". Why I could see no insulator (paper)?

A. To save paper, there have been no insulator inside of cap. We keep the cap not assembling completely to instead of insulator.

    The TMPS is the best quality made in Taiwan.

    Brand new

    1 year manufacturer's warranty

    The manufacturer won the prize of 2000 SEMA Best Engineered Products, and AutoTronics Innovation Awards 2009.

    With more then 22 years experience in the tire pressure measurement expertise.


2000 SEMA Best Engineered Products


AutoTronics Innovation Awards 2009

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